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What is Jin Shin Jyutsu® (JSJ)?

It is an ancient-art of using our fingers to harmonise our body’s energies and in so doing healing occurs naturally.
How come our fingers can trigger our mobile/computer screens to light up/down or move?

In the same way in JSJ, by using fingers, a JSJ practitioner triggers/moves your body’s energy to flow. This is done with gentle light touch, and without massage, pressure or manipulation of muscles. Hence JSJ is suitable for young children, the old and the sick.

To appreciate what JSJ is, find out by attending a Self Help Session and experience this for yourself. Also, you can give yourself a gentle harmonising gift by having a JSJ session.

Would it…

Help my aches and/or pains?

Help with my not sleeping well?

Help with my tiredness or lack of energy?

Help with my…?

What are the benefits?

The answers will be answered when you are willing to seek for the answers, and have trust in the healing process.

JSJ has been in existence for over a century. It was first introduced into the US by Mary Burmeister who studied the art in Japan with the master, Juro Murai.

Since my encounter with JSJ in 2007, there has been many amazing and sometimes miraculous stories about how JSJ has help people from the young to the very sick and old to overcome, deal or cope with illnesses/sicknesses or other dis-eases. Some stories are posted under my blog.

How do you describe an ancient art that uses our fingers and bodies’ energies to naturally help with the healing and harmonising process?

Change in belief affects a corresponding change in the body ~ “What Mary Says,…”

Like all forms of therapies and treatments, you will feel or notice a difference either immediately after the treatment or long after the treatment (or several treatments). Everyone is different in their reaction to treatments and healings can only easily be described when you personally feel and can relate to the changes occurring in your body. You will know when healing begins as your body will tell you in many ways, some subtle and some in profound ways, which not only you but others will also notice. Your body doesn’t lie.

A simple example is when you are on a diet treatment or therapy, your physical body is one noticeable indicator. At the subtle level, you may have different feelings and emotions which are also part of the healing process.

Jin Shin Jyutsu ® (JSJ) is no different in this respect, however what makes it different from other therapies is that it is not just harmonising on the physical and emotional level but also at the spiritual level. This is depicted in ‘Jin Shin Jyutsu IS ~ Physio-Philosophy’.

Also, unlike other forms of therapies JSJ is fairly non-intrusive, no massaging and does not require the use of any implements e.g. needles or oils.

In JSJ, the client is not a ‘patient’ and all pains, aches etc are not ‘diseases’ or ‘sickness’ or ‘problems’, instead these are seen as ‘labels’ which a JSJ practitioner will address as ‘projects’.
A JSJ practitioner turns all ‘problems’ into ‘projects’.

A client’s project is not ‘cured’ (as in the medical sense) instead the body’s innate capacity to healing is effected or started when the practitioner uses or places his/her fingers on specific locations (known as ‘Safety Energy Locks’) on the client’s fully clothed body. Before placing the fingers the practitioner also listens to the client’s pulses to listen and tune into the harmony and disharmonies at that moment of the client’s state of being or wellness. In JSJ, the pulse we feel is the universal pulse and it tells us how well the body is accepting life. In hearing the pulses we are hearing the direct manifestation of spirit and matter i.e. what the client needs. A fully trained JSJ practitioner is then able to address the nature of the client’s needs by appropriate ‘flows’. If you hear of number 1 flow, 2 flow, 13 flow etc. and also related organ flows, just know that there are more to these numbers and organ flows. These flows are mathematically deduced calculations (or sequences) which are the most effective and efficient pathway for helping a particular function to manifest itself. Sounds complex but it is also complicatedly simple.

What JSJ offers, which makes it different from other healing modalities is that anyone can help themselves and there are ‘Self Help Sessions’ to help them get started. One of the philosophies of JSJ is that everyone has the innate ability to heal oneself.

JSJ looks simple too, (see the photo) yes! It is simple and with its simplicity comes the magic and the power of its applications and effectiveness for healing our body’s energy. Healing starts with the harmonising effect of the fingers (placed along the ‘flows’) which act as ‘jumper cables’ in enabling energies to flow and move along their natural pathways. Movement of energy releases pain and aches and tensions in the body.

pulse reading

pulse reading

Jin Shin Jyutsu ® and acupunture

If one wants to compare JSJ with acupuncture, in JSJ the practitioner’s fingers function like ‘bends’ in a river, allowing and directing the water (energy) to flow more naturally or harmoniously along its pathway. In acupuncture, the needle is the ‘dam’ which either blocks the flow or floods the river.

The Story of Jin Shin Jyutsu ®

The story of Jin Shin Jyutsu has been beautifully narrated and told by many practitioners who heard the story from their teachers and friends.

The story is just the beginning…and it continues as each and everyone chooses to explore and experience the gifts from The Creator and shares their gifts like Juro Murai did, like Mary Burmeister did and like the teachers of Jin Shin Jyutsu are still doing with grace and compassion.

The story continues…
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