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JSJ journey


My Jin Shin Jyutsu ® journey has a beautiful beginning and Jin Shin Jyutsu continues to bring joy and unexpected lessons in my daily life. I know it will be a fulfilling journey along the path and I hope to share it with others willing to explore this wondrous art and gift which is within each and everyone of us.

Cher is a Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner and also Certified to teach Jin Shin Jyutsu® Self-Help Classes.

My Record

1. 20th October 2007 Redhill, Surrey UK – 5 days with Cynthia B, organiser Carlyse Smyth
2. 23rd February 2008 Rugby, Midlands UK – Special Topics JSJ & Ancient Wisdom with Carlos G, organiser Pat Owen
3. 9th April 2008 Rugby, Midlands UK – 5 days with Mathias R, organiser Pat Owen
4. 4th June 2008 Ti Chulain, N.Ireland – 5 days with Philomena N and Jill H, organiser Majella Delaney
5. 1st – 2nd November 2008, Redhill, Surrey UK – 2 days (Text II) out of the 5 days with Waltraud R, organiser Carlyse Smyth
6. 8th-10th November 2008, Austria – Special Topic Jin Shin Jyutsu and Your Astrological Identity with Wayne Hackett, organiser Rosemarie Wiltschnig
7. 10th-11th January 2009, East Sussex, UK – 2 half days Self Help Book II with Carlyse S, organisers Ranjana & Eddie Appoo
8. 20-22nd February 2009, Tucson, Az, US – Living the Art with Sara H, organiser Sara H (& Jenny F – wonderful helper and a friend now).
9. 4th to 8th March 2009, Amsterdam, Jin Shin Jyutsu 5-day Seminar with Wayne Hackett
10. 5th November 2010, Singapore – Half day Self-Help seminar given by Ms Tan Siew Kim at her ‘breathe JSJ’ shop at Lucky Heights, Bedok,Singapore
11. 6th- 8th May 2011, Bali, Indonesia, – Jin Shin Jyutsu Workshop with Sylvie Blanchet and Bobi Jentis
12. 16th-17th February 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands, – Pulse Listening and Body Reading according to Text 1 and Text 2, Q&A with Petra Elmendorff
13. 6 days of virtual class in September 2020 – Jin Shin Jyutsu and Your Astrological Identity with Wayne Hackett and Carlos Guterres.
14. 25-26th February 2023, online special topic class – The 3 Methods of Correction with Waltraud Riegger Krause.

I will continue to learn, explore and experience by doing and also sharing with others.

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