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Simple self-help steps #immuneSupport

Simple self-help steps to support or harmonise our immune system

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A great site with LOTs of Jin Shin Jyutsu® information Flows For Life

Jin Shin Jyutsu® Videos and ‘Irreverent Cells’ information provided at Jennifer Bradley’s site;

Self Help information from jsjinc.net

Self Help by holding fingers

Self Help with 6 simple steps to recharge and revitalise all body energy

using the Main Central flow (in pdf)

Harmonising our body energies

Self Help for the Immune System

Information compiled by Jennifer Bradley and is shared here;
Harmony – self help for the Immune System (in pdf)

Natural Positive Self Help For People with Cancer

This article has lots of information, and full benefits can be obtained by attending a JSJ self-help class or have private self-help JSJ sessions or have JSJ sessions with a JSJ practitioner. I am qualified to offer and teach JSJ self-help sessions and also offer JSJ sessions.