Jin Shin Jyutsu Gift
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An ideal ‘Health, Harmony and Relaxation’ Gift for family, friends and you, including children.

Jin Shin Jyutsu ® (JSJ) is a gentle, ancient art for harmonising the subtle energy pathways in the body. By placing the fingers over clothing on specific places on the body, we can restore and harmonise the energy flow.
Everyone reacts differently during and after a JSJ session. However when our body energy flow is restored, any pain or tension in our body has a better chance of recovery.
Why not give yourself or someone a gift – an ancient gift – that bears no harm?

A Jin Shin Jyutsu ® (JSJ) session is 40-45 minutes, lying down, fully-clothed on a couch. For children and very sick person, the session is generally shorter.

Even a 20 minutes session on the couch can do wonder for the body. Our mind is calmer when aches and pains are released from our body. A JSJ session is a great way for harmonising our bodies’ energies and in so doing helps with relaxation of our body and towards a tranquil and calm mind and spirit.

According to a Chinese saying, ‘tranquility leads to longevity while impetuosity leads to premature death’.

The benefits of JSJ can only be experienced. Find out by having a JSJ session.

To get the most from the session, best to have a light meal or if heavy meal, give 2 hours before the session.

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Many thanks.