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Aug 092022

Newbie question. How effective are finger holds compared to body holds? Can finger holds replace body holds/flows altogether? Thanks.

My reply:
Interesting questions, Ole Alstrup. JSJ is all about compassionate ‘touch’, be it fingers/toes hold or using the SEL – touching specific areas of our body. Also according to the story on the origin of JSJ (article posted in this Group & also on my blog https://craftqi.com/the-origin-of-jin-shin-jyutsu/)
Jiro Murai explored and used mudras which I believe are the origin of JSJ.
My understanding is that the fingers/toes are also SELs and our connections to other SELs which in total and in unison harmonises our body energies. For me, the fingers/toes/mudras are powerful and easily accessible protocols – which distinguishes the ART from other therapies/modalities.
Also, the fingers/toes and body relationships are reflected in Text I & II, which to me indicate that fingers/toes are also SELs and are all inter-related and inter-weaved. The fingers and toes are where all the SELS connect/interconnect. Powerful right?
So, which is more effective? The answer lies in the pulses & the ‘ touch’ & these are listened/diagnosed/heard via our fingers. However, we also can tune in to the subtle ‘pulses’ when we touch the SELs including the fingers/toes.
Also, don’t forget the ‘effects/affects/outcomes/stories’of the ‘touch’ (or JSJ flows) following the sessions. Hence to do pulse taking before & after. These are the true indicates of the effectiveness of the SELS & the fingers/toes.
To me, the fingers/toes hold are as effective as other SELS and they’re easy to do and to me very powerful SELs.