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Mar 262020

Simple self-help steps #immuneSupport #immuneSystem

Links to #JinShinJyutsu posts:
About 1 min no sound video
A pdf file showing the main central – daily ‘life-force’ flow.
A great poster by Michelle Giambra, Suncoast Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Jun 162015

Markey Cancer Center – Introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help

Markey Cancer Center – Using Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help to Harmonize Emotions

Markey Cancer Center – Using Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help for Radiation Side Effects

Markey Cancer Center – Using Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help to Assist with Nausea

I’ve removed ‘UK’ as this is confusing, as the Markey Cancer Center is in the USA.
Many gracious thanks to Jennifer Bradley for the videos.

Mar 102014

A post on my Facebook group which asked this question :
Here’s a question. How do YOU feel, describe, express ENERGY?

I’ve pondered this great question.
I feel energy mostly with my whole body i.e. cold, warmth, discomfort, pain, full of energy etc. My eyes are my signals when I get tired and emotionally drained i.e. red-sore eyes. My lips when I’ve eaten bad spicy food. :-)

I express energy with my emotional signals/sounds or outburst of happiness, anger, frustration, sadness, pain, agony with words, speeches, sleeplessness, bingeing/craving for food/chocolates.

Mostly I find that if I express my energy outwardly, my energy level goes down and to recharge I have to go inward (which I do often).

Jin Shin Jyutsu helps me to be sensitive or to be aware of my body energy which really helps me to be in touch with my whole being.