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Aug 102022

The post raising the question of the effectiveness of finger holds (posted here) have raised further discussions.

The discussions:

Cher Devey All the years I studied with Mary and all the JSJ classes I’ve taken over the years, have never heard that the fingers and toes are also SELs. Which JSJ teacher imparted that info?
SELs spiral in/out of the body and have a 3″ radius. SELs connect to the universal source of energy whether we are touching them or not!
Also Mary very specifically said that we “listen” to pulses on the wrist, we do not “take” the pulses on the wrist. Mary Burmeister was extremely specific about word usage and the meaning of the word! She NEVER used the term “body holds”. Mary was specific about words, and was very concerned that improper use of words to describe JSJ, along with ego and misrepresentation of JSJ cause misunderstanding and be part of what would eventaully lead to the true understanding of the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to once again be lost to the ages. Read her intro into text 1. She specifically meant every word.
I do not have the deep understanding WHY the depths are connected to specific fingers as it goes beyond the physical manifested/manifesting level of function energy flows or even what acupuncture terms meridians on the more manifested level.The only finger assigned depth that relates to function energy flows specifically, is the little finger.
Mary called our hands, “jumper cables”, jumper cabling from the Universal Source.

My reply:

PM, many thanks for reminding me about Mary’s specific use of words (in JSJ). I’ve heard them mentioned during the JSJ classes. Don’t you think our fingers and toes are also our ‘body’?

Regarding the fingers & toes are SELs, they’re my own understanding. I realised the power of my fingers during a 5 day class with Wayne Hackett who I’ve great respect as I’ve learnt immensely from him. I remembered it well as I asked him how come the fingers (during Text II teaching) are representing/relating to the SELs as discussed in Text I). I had my wow! moments. There’s a table (distributed during the class – which I’ll have to dig it out one day) showing such relationships but takes a bit of deep reasoning (& critical questioning) to understand the table. I also remembered Wayne singing ‘ You have the world at your fingertips’. Such is the beauty and power of JSJ.

I know you’re very knowledgeable and I’ve great respect for your sharing and active contributions to this community. I also know that you know very well the significant of Text I (unmanifested energy and Text II (manifested energy). Imagine a ‘bridge’ connecting the unmanifested and the manifested. I guess the same goes to understanding the Depths and their relationships. I’m still learning the many hidden beauty and gems in JSJ and welcome your insights and knowledge.
Besides Mary who else have you learn JSJ with? A great pity I didn’t get to Scottsdale to meet and study with Mary. It was in my JSJ plan when I started JSJ in 2007 and missed the opportunity to meet her.

I’m an IT professional & I’ve completed my PhD (in 2019) whereby I spent 2 yrs learning wuxing – 5 element theory. I have combine JSJ and my passion on the wuxing and astrology (primary Chinese astro) for my JSJ well-being practice. I’ve been slowly transitioning to do/offer JSJ in more public spaces. I’ve recently found a local (nearby my home) well-being studio & I hope to kick-start JSJ there. Hoping to promote JSJ to my local community.
Being a double Capricorn with my moon in Cancer (& my passion in wuxing and Chinese Astro), I USE and FEEL with my body (including my fingers). Perhaps I’m being PRACTICAL in my use of words in this Group. My sincere apologies if I’ve offended you (and other JSJ practitioners). Note I’ve also used ‘touch’ (enclosed in single quotes) as such word can be interpreted out of context as words have different meanings in different contexts/cultures. Hence I fully understand Mary’s specific use of words. She was indeed an amazing lady.

Did you ask Mary the use of the wordings Safety Energy Locks (SEL) and Pulse Listening? I often wonder whether she had translated Japanese characters to use specific English words. However, I do understand the need to be specific in the context of JSJ. When I’m with my clients I keep things simple and just do my ‘work’.
English is not my mother tongue and I tend to go with the ‘flow’ (like in the Dao) and I know I’ve used words out of JSJ context when I wrote ‘take’ pulse. I guess I’m being me, being human (not perfect!). I also believe that when nothing or no one is harm in my use of ‘words’ – though it may raise challenges

Aug 092022

Newbie question. How effective are finger holds compared to body holds? Can finger holds replace body holds/flows altogether? Thanks.

My reply:
Interesting questions, Ole Alstrup. JSJ is all about compassionate ‘touch’, be it fingers/toes hold or using the SEL – touching specific areas of our body. Also according to the story on the origin of JSJ (article posted in this Group & also on my blog https://craftqi.com/the-origin-of-jin-shin-jyutsu/)
Jiro Murai explored and used mudras which I believe are the origin of JSJ.
My understanding is that the fingers/toes are also SELs and our connections to other SELs which in total and in unison harmonises our body energies. For me, the fingers/toes/mudras are powerful and easily accessible protocols – which distinguishes the ART from other therapies/modalities.
Also, the fingers/toes and body relationships are reflected in Text I & II, which to me indicate that fingers/toes are also SELs and are all inter-related and inter-weaved. The fingers and toes are where all the SELS connect/interconnect. Powerful right?
So, which is more effective? The answer lies in the pulses & the ‘ touch’ & these are listened/diagnosed/heard via our fingers. However, we also can tune in to the subtle ‘pulses’ when we touch the SELs including the fingers/toes.
Also, don’t forget the ‘effects/affects/outcomes/stories’of the ‘touch’ (or JSJ flows) following the sessions. Hence to do pulse taking before & after. These are the true indicates of the effectiveness of the SELS & the fingers/toes.
To me, the fingers/toes hold are as effective as other SELS and they’re easy to do and to me very powerful SELs.