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Aug 102012

I posted this at Facebook JSJ group on 10 Aug 2012:

My mum passed away on Wed AM (8-Aug-2012 approx 6am, Malaysia). I held her 4s and even after her last breath I could still feel the qi on my fingers. I held her palm & 4s and also did the releasing flows (posted by Deborah Engisch-Platt) during her last 2 days. I don’t know what happened but she was alert & able to talk eventhough her internal organs (kidney & lungs) already malfunction. We took her out of intensive to be with the family at home. Doctor said we will be very lucky if she survive for 2 days without the respirator. She spent 2 days/nights without any support apart from JSJ. She ‘hang-on’ to see my nephew who flew back from Australia. Since Wed, my family are observing a vegan Buddhist ceremony with chanting and prayer every day until the funeral service on Sunday. Many thks for sharing the flows….

May 222011

May 22, 2011 – Malaysia.

For the past couple of months (with a week break in Bali), I have been caring for my mom in Malaysia.

On Wednesday she had her right leg amputated below her knee (certainly not my wish or consent ! ) after several months of pain due to an injured toe which led to further operations. My mom is diabetic.

What is pain? Can we describe pain? Is pain lingering on because we have no concept of why we have pain in the first instance? What does one say to someone in great pain?

Deepak Chopra’s pain vs. the idea of pain sounds simple.However to put it into practise requires both patient and carers/doctors/nurses to recognise that pain is just an idea. Imagine in a hospital whereby the idea of pain or the word ‘pain’ is not uttered at all?!