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Aug 102012

I posted this at Facebook JSJ group on 10 Aug 2012:

My mum passed away on Wed AM (8-Aug-2012 approx 6am, Malaysia). I held her 4s and even after her last breath I could still feel the qi on my fingers. I held her palm & 4s and also did the releasing flows (posted by Deborah Engisch-Platt) during her last 2 days. I don’t know what happened but she was alert & able to talk eventhough her internal organs (kidney & lungs) already malfunction. We took her out of intensive to be with the family at home. Doctor said we will be very lucky if she survive for 2 days without the respirator. She spent 2 days/nights without any support apart from JSJ. She ‘hang-on’ to see my nephew who flew back from Australia. Since Wed, my family are observing a vegan Buddhist ceremony with chanting and prayer every day until the funeral service on Sunday. Many thks for sharing the flows….